Wychwood Heights AGM 2016

As a Member Of The Wychwood Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA)

You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting
On: Monday, January 9, 2017, 6.30 p.m.
At: The Community Room of 747 St. Clair West (at Christie)

Refreshments Will be Served


1. Call to Order and Introductions
2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
3. Approval of Tonight’s Agenda
4. Updates and Greetings from Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21, St. Paul’s.
5. Introduction of Board and General Membership
6. Approval of 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes
7. Auditor’s 2015 Report
8. Appointment of Auditor for 2016
9. Officers’ Reports:
• Festivals /Events
• Streetscaping
• Treasurer (including projected year-end 2016)
10. Proposed Program and Budget for 2017
11. New Business
12. Adjournment
The purpose of this meeting is to decide on the Wychwood Heights BIA Budget for 2017 (see over) and general program. This program is paid for by a special levy charged to you as well as other commercial/industrial property owners and businesses in the BIA. The best way to participate in the decisions which your BIA is making on your behalf is to get involved.

Please forward a copy of this notice to your commercial/industrial tenants.

For more information contact: Marion O’Sullivan, (BIA Co-ordinator ) at 416-846-9603, or email her at: info@wychwoodheights.ca

Proof of membership will be required. Please bring photo ID and either a business card, utility bill showing business name and address, or your City of Toronto property tax bill.

If you are unable to attend and wish to appoint a person to vote on your behalf, please complete the attached Designate Form. Please note that no person in attendance shall have more than one vote.

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